About Jo

Johanna Wilson is one of Australia’s premier freelance photographers. Johanna specialises in the capture of love and water. A life without love is not worth living and a life without water cannot be lived. She expresses this through the documentation of weddings and elopements with outdoor backdrops including tropical islands, hinterland mountain regions and undulating hills.

Johanna lives and breathes aerial photography. Johanna feels a connection to the ocean and through her bond with the Pacific has managed to capture some of the most breathtaking island and reef snapshots from up high. Her connection to the water allows her to find perspectives that others struggle to match.

Canvases of her iconic Queensland oceanic scenescapes make perfect centrepieces for office lobbies, home common areas and indeed anywhere you wish to add a touch of the unique and a touch of prestige.

When it comes to her wedding and elopement photography her focus is on capturing the legacy of the love and passion that you share during the moment you dedicate your lives to one another. She does this by leaning on the subtleties learned and skills gained through the stories she has documented throughout her illustrious career and her own understanding of what it is to love and to be loved.